Our Happy Homecomings


"We had a wonderful experience with Homecomings when we adopted our sweet dog, Digby (then known as River) in early 2018. My wife and I actually spotted Digby's listing on Petfinder a few months earlier, when he was first listed for adoption. We just missed adopting him, and moved on for a couple of months. Then, we noticed his listing popped up again - and we couldn't chance missing him again. My wife and I rushed to an adoption event that Homecomings was having in Golden to see Digby for ourselves! Unfortunately, we were again just a few minutes too late, as Digby had left for the day. Fortunately, a volunteer with Homecomings who was still cleaning up arranged for us to have an in-house meet and greet with Digby a couple days later. The wait was totally worth it. While my wife and I are both pretty anxious people, we felt totally informed about what to expect with Digby - which, fortunately, meant a lot of cuddles and a low-key temperament. Homecomings only knew so much about his history, but went out of their way to fill us in about everything they knew. We've now had Digby in our home for 2.5 years, and couldn't be happier with him or the adoption process. We would absolutely work with Homecomings again in finding another dog to adopt, whenever that day may come." 

~ Ben and Liz


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Hannah and Mama.jpg

"In June 2018, I saw a Facebook post from HomeComings Rescue asking for fosters. When I saw Hannah's face, something in my heart leapt. I felt like she was calling to me and I immediately knew that we needed to help her. What I didn't know at the time though was that she would change our lives forever. We not only became first time fosters, but foster failures that month - which was a complete surprise to us because we already had two dogs. It was the best decision we ever made though! Our Hannah makes us smile every single day. Her strong and energetic personality keeps us all active, as she loves her daily walks and keeps her brothers on their toes. She truly enjoys time outside on the deck soaking in the daylight in the summer and then the cooler, crisp air in the winter. She is around 4 years old now, but still runs through the house at warp speed when she's excited and will play with her favorite stuffed animals throughout the day. She has also gotten really good at taking over the bed in the guest room (we call it "Hannah's Room" now) and throwing pillows down from our loft to the first floor below when she feels like she needs more attention, haha! She is my baby girl and I couldn't imagine our family without her. She is just so very, very special. Our love for her is boundless and we will be forever grateful to HomeComings Rescue for entrusting us with her. She is now, and will always be, our Hannah Banana."

~ Andee A.


 Hi Deborah,

Thank you for the huge investment you made in these doggies! Abby is thankful you saved her and her puppies and landed her in our lives! She delights us every day. Just enough mischief to keep us laughing. She is my little guy's best buddy and my ally in waking up sleeping children in the morning! She still steals shoes! Maggie just crocheted her a bandana this morning. Abby is very loved! She is wonderful with the kids and the cats. She doesn't mind my mom's old lab or greyhound. She's a comedian and snuggle bug. We want to thank you for our beautiful, loyal Abby, who is such a special girl. We just love her to pieces. She is definitely the best friend to my 9 year old boy. He needs a good friend since he's the youngest of 3.)

~ Wasinger Family

"Back in 2018, I got a call from Homecomings that a sick little border collie was going to need a long term foster due to needing a leg amputation. I jumped at the opportunity to help her. Her name was Faith now known as Remi. After her surgery was complete and months of getting her healthy we as a family knew our family wasn't complete without her, so we made it official and adopted her. I think everyday "how did we ever live without her?" She is the worlds best dog in our eyes. She is attentive to our needs and enjoys nothing more then laying in bed and cuddling while we watch movies. I'm so thankful we get to call hers ours!"

~ Aly S.


"We got Macie 6 years ago from Deborah and her team. She was abandoned with other dogs in a back yard, and then made her way to Colorado! I got her as a present, and to also get a dog with my partner. He had so much love to give after the passing of his family dog. It took him awhile to warm up he still says, but I knew the minute he pulled her out of the van he was a goner. I also knew that my man had been stolen, and I was completely okay with that. She brings such joy to us, on walks, hikes, camping trips. All our family loves her to bits, and all the effort we put into training her at the recommendation of Deborah’s team. Our family wouldn’t be complete and we always talk about how we wouldn’t have gotten her if someone didn’t decided to rescue her."

~ Valerie G.