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Our Adoption Process


General Information: First of all, thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue animal! Here is some basic information about adopting from HomeComings Rescue.


Our adoption process is as follows:


1  We carefully review our emailed adoption applications and choose a few of the top candidates. We then email those

candidates to ask for photos of your home, your yard, your family, and current pets.


2  If you have been pre-approved but haven't heard back from us within 4 days, or if the animal you were interested in has been adopted, please let us know if there is another available animal you are interested in.


3  Once we have have given the final approval to an adopter for an animal, you will have the chance to ask questions of the foster family. If we then move forward to an adoption meeting, we will schedule a time to meet with myself and the foster and the animal, of course! You will not be required to make payment until you have met the animal at the adoption meeting. We accept credit cards and cash. Covid precautions are taken with masks and social distancing required.


We also offer a Foster-To-Adopt program! The process for fostering to adopt is the same as adopting from us. We will use our same adoption screening tools. We typically know we are getting animals a week ahead of time and will post animals on our website that are eligible for foster to adopt at that time. The success of this program depends on the understanding of people that if they choose not to adopt their foster animal, they must still foster them until they are adopted. You must fill out an adoption application if you want to participate in this program. Our adoption applications are on the the bottom of this page.


We are open 11:00 a.m to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and we are closed Sundays and Mondays. We do not return emails after hours or on these days unless it is a vet emergency.


Our office hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Your best resource for information on animals is this website, which is updated regularly. Photos of our available animals and all of their information are on our home page. If an animal is posted on here, they are still available. (No need to contact us to ask if they are still available)

Our adoption applications are located at the bottom of this page in a downloadable Word document. Please fill it out and email back to us at: Please note that everything we know about our animals is on their profile on our website.


PLEASE be aware that we quite often have more than person interested in the same animal and/or have more than one application for an animal. It helps to be flexible - we have so many great animals!

We do not do "holds" on animals. Because we don’t typically do home visits it is extremely important to us that we interview and screen all potential adopters very carefully. We also do not adopt out of state or more than 90 minutes away. If something were to happen, we want to be close enough to the adopted animals to help.

All of our animals are behavior tested and medically vetted prior to coming into our rescue. Your adoption fee will cover transportation, vetting, age appropriate vaccinations prior to adoption, spay and neuter, and any other vet costs they might incur while they are with us. All animals are spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested (dog). They are also carefully behaviorally screened before coming to us. We do not accept aggressive animals.

Our adoption fees are:

$495.00 for puppies one year of age and under
$395.00 for adult dogs one year to five years of age
$150.00 for senior dogs over the age of seven years

$195.00 for kittens one year of age and under
$150.00 for adult cats one year to six years of age
$75.00 for senior cats over the age of seven years

We ONLY accept non-aggressive dogs. Unless our assigned foster family has a cat, we are not always sure of cat interaction.

**Adopting to families with children: we are always cautious when there are children involved. We have no way to know for certain if you have taught your children to be gentle and respectful with animals. If your children are not taught to be soft with animals, please don't adopt a dog or cat; you are setting your new dog or cat up for failure and your child will potentially be at risk. There is no dog or cat that enjoys having their ears/tail/legs being pulled or being climbed on or ridden. If your child plays rough with a dog you are teaching that dog to be aggressive. If children (or adults) allow a puppy or adult dog to put their mouth on them, you are teaching that dog that's it's okay to nip and play bite. The best way to train a dog not to do that is NOT by hitting them, which will also teach aggression. Disengage with the behavior and when they stop, offer them a toy or other reward. We advise that all of our dogs undergo training unless your are very experienced with positive training.

ALL adults living in the adopted dog/cat’s home MUST be present at the time of adoption. If there children under the age of 10 and/or are any other dogs in the house, you will need to bring them to the adoption meeting as well.

Here are some common sense reasons why we decline an adopter:

• We don't adopt out large breeds of dogs or puppies to apartments. We will be looking for homes with a secure, fenced in yard appropriate for a large breed dog. When we say a dog needs a yard, we mean a fenced in yard.
• Puppies cannot be left alone for more than 2-3 hours. If you are someone who is away all day or evening while working, an adult dog that can be left alone for a longer period of time would be a better choice for you.
• We do not adopt tiny puppies, kittens or very small adult dogs to homes with babies or toddlers.
• Studies have proven for many years that cats who are outdoor cats have a much shorter life span than indoor cats. We do not adopt cats to a home where they will be outside. Similarly, we do not adopt dogs to a home where they will be kept outside. No exemptions on these rules.

• We do not adopt out of state or more than 90 minutes away.

Most important of all, PLEASE be very certain when you are choosing an animal to adopt that it is the right pet for you, your lifestyle and family. Choose carefully. Returning an adopted animal is not like returning merchandise to a store. Dogs and cats are living creatures with feelings, and we respect them as such. We recently had an adopter return a puppy hours after the adoption because he had an accident indoors when he first went into their home ... and then wanted a refund. Common sense, please. While we will always accept a returned animal, there will be no refunds of adoption fees and no exceptions. Please be sure to take your adoption seriously.


We hope this information helps you understand how we work. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding in helping us make the best fit for our animals and adopters!



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